Saturday, 4 December 2010

GIZA..too small for me :)

Looking up at the fresh night sky, it was just minutes before the sun was about to shy away under a world which I had only known for eighteen years. The star illuminated the sky and the moon vaguely shone in the darkening horizon that late evening. Just by looking, I was totally astonished to its undeniable beauty that could not be matched by anything. Believe it or not, even civilization itself seemed incomparable to the majesty of star. Not only did I was stunned like a rock, I also felt blissful as if I was brought to the star-drift on the horizon rim by a floating and transparent veil cast of clouds onto the sky. Metaphorically, when looking at the moon, I would probably think that I was the moon and the star that circled me around like a fence was my parents. Whenever the moon was eclipsed or full, the stars would always be faithful by his side. That was how important was my parents in my life. Other than providing me the needs, they were actually giving me more than eyes could see, and beyond the hands could touch.

There was a time when I was dumped by my girlfriend. At that time, I was so downcast and under-the-weather. I felt empty as if my world was getting smaller and realizing somehow the earth must had begun spinning backward on its axis or the gravitational pull of the sun had suddenly stopped because HE wanted me suffered to death. The pain that I had was so throbbing as if I was almost passing out from the burning heat of the angry sun on a hot day. Feeling of rage took over my emotion, I could feel the stabbing feeling in my chest that was kept burning to an inferno. Whenever I was alone, tears slept in my eyelids as resentment rested heavily in my sore wound heart. My brain felt as though it had been filling up with sand, and I could not think anymore. I felt dizzy and lonely as only pictures of betrayal and portraits of frustration played in the back of my mind. Stress ran my life, anxiety was my trusted companion. Pressure, I felt, was unavoidable.

And when the journey seemed scarce and life was too hard for me, at the end of the road, there I saw my parents. They were like a supernatural force, a divine spirit with psychic abilities. They will always listen closely to my problems with a non-judgmental ear. And helped me solved them. They remained the raging superhero they always had in my life. As I was miles away from home, they brought me soup if I was sick, and would be helping me with my work. When I swamped like I used to have before, where I was painfully alone, somewhere between emotional inertia and complete despair, I had struggled to navigate my abruptly unravelled reality. Then, there was coming my parents. Giving me a hug to reassure me, for a few seconds, I felt the peaceful bliss that had made me so content. They smiled then, and a beautiful peacefulness had washed over my once-stern countenance. Yet I knew that their smile and gratefulness would always be imprinting up upon my life and heart. It was completely comfortable.

I now know and feel that although I have been enduring an emotional darkness more intense and shattering than most teenagers have, gone through a joyous moment more immense-thrilled and fun-filled than most teenagers have; it is not the pain and joy that have changed me, but rather parent’s love and their cares that has inspired my metamorphosis. I can feel their guiding light in my life that will never tired to shine my road of life, as it is changing gradually, and thus I have the courage and resilience to embark on a new chapter of my life. I have emerged from the test as a confident, faith-filled young teenager with an especially twinkle in my eye. I am really thankful to good for being blessed with amazing parents. Nothing can replace what we have, and I will stand by your side always, lifting you up, cheering you on like what you have done to me.

You teach me a great lesson in life. When basic needs have been satisfied will there still be something that everybody needs? Philosophers will have thought so, but neither you are. They have been believed that man cannot live by bread alone. Of course, everyone needs food. And everyone needs love and care. But there is something else apart from that which everyone needs, and that is to figure out who we are and why we are here and what are we going to be. I would have never been learning this from school, but rather from your mouth have taught me this lesson to self-motivate myself. My parents are really important in my life. If my parents are taken away from me, I will be dying inside, for we are joined by something greater than us; an intangible bond that binds us together. Their presence is the security and stability of my life- the foundation upon which I built my own pyramid of life, greater than the Giza.

p.s.this is the essay that i wrote for my LDS assignment. sorry for the grammatical errors here and there.

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