Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Kinds of Love-special for my crush...whom starts with letter "j"

Foolish love is only folly

Wanton love is too unholy

Greedy love is covetous

Idle love is frivolous

But the gracious love is it

That doth prove the work of wit.

Beauty but deceives the eye

Flattery leads the ear awry

Wealth doth but enchant the wit

Want, the overthrow of it

While in Wisdom's worthy grace

Virtue sees the sweetest face.

There hath Love found out his life,

Peace without all thought of strife

Kindness in Discretion's care

Truth, that clearly doth declare

Faith doth in true fancy prove,

Lust the excrements of Love.

Then in faith may fancy see

How my love may constru├Ęd be

How it grows and what it seeks

How it lives and what it likes

So in highest grace regard it,

Or in lowest scorn discard it.

p/s: I can't comprehend myself why do I turn head-over-heels on you..but trust me..I found myself in complete me.

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