Friday, 31 December 2010

A microscopic obsession to a girl name "J"

Do not love me yet, for I

Am still a slender moon,

A scimitar about the heart

Too sharp to touch too soon.

Before I’m touched I need to grow

More full in golden light;

I need to smile upon my earth

And rule some patch of night.

I need to know what roads and fields

Lie in my domain

And dull my brand new ecstasies

With sophomoric pain.

I need the love of some blank girl

More cold and white than me,

That we might grope in ignorance

And fear of what might be.

And then, when I’m a silver bowl

And know what I can hold,

Then, then, perhaps, we could try love

If you are not too old.

p/s: I don't know how to keep this feeling anymore..Really, I do like you very much..and know well the big difference that we are half an angel while me, am half of devil..

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