Wednesday, 15 December 2010

my VERY VERY BEST friends..

hi peeps!

and salamualaik' all!

In my view, i found that Friendship is essentially the same bond, whether it unites persons of intellect and refined tastes, or those more unfortunate ones, who, perhaps, have no conception of their mission in the world, or of their duty to society.

Its manifestations may be wholly different, but the two friendships will have some points in common.

In both instances the friends are drawn close together and are united by that bond which has been so beautifully written about throughout the ages.

Ever since I enter IPG, I have bumped into so many great people called as friends.
They are certainly becoming my second family as we spend most of the time together, having meal together, and most of the time, doing assignment together.

They are the place where I share my joy and sorrow; a place where my tears are swept away by their smiles and laughters.

And thus so called as My Very Very Best Friends~


What can i say..trio of them are very fun to be with. With Aiman and Faiz, we do our assignment. We have been team-mates for every assignment except for social studies, where we have to be separated. Every minutes, we spend times together. We shared almost everything except for girlfriend thingy.


Though they are coming from different classes, in which Hazwan is in TESL B and Valentine is in TESL C, our relationship is so closed knit. As time passes, our bond grows more than a friendship..shall I call it as Family? is. With them, we do something stupid..and without them, I feel lost and deserted.


Shall I call them TOTALLY SPIES?? Of course it is. They are actually my classmates and I found we are as closed as brother-and-sister. We do almost everything together..sharing secrets..and mostly sharing hottest and latest gossip, in which I'm very expert in it. To be friend with them is such another moment in time..a time that I want to remain immortal.

All I can sum up here My dearest friend,

Be true to thy friend.

Never speak of his faults to another, to show thy own discrimination

But open them all to him, with candor and true gentleness

Forgive all his errors and his sins, be they ever so many

But do not excuse the slightest deviation from rectitude.

Never forbear to dissent from a false opinion

Or a wrong practice, from mistaken motives of kindness

Nor seek thus to have thy own weaknesses sustained

For these things cannot be done without injury to the soul.

p/s: i'm proud to be friend of yours..and am looking forward to see you all in the next sem..with love..arsyad.

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