Monday, 27 December 2010

world "bald head" day!

after several attempts to demolish my long hair by my parents, yesterday, they finally manage too, and what shock me the most is that not only me the one who's getting a haircut, but also joining me are my father and my brother.

so, proud to say, yesterday is the world "bald hair" day for my family.

sound funny, isn't??

sure, but poor me, my mission to not get a hair cut so that i will have half korean look then be ruined by mother.

it's just that not everyday, but i can say almost everyday my parents will talk on how my hair look like.

they say long hair make me look untidy and messy.

but, after all i have to admit in that as ever since i was a kid, my hair style would be short and mostly near bald.

i remember there's a time when i get a number 1 haircut, the predicament here is that the shortness of the hair are following numbers and 1 will be the shortest.

but, as i get older, i try to have a long hair, and perhaps can make a punk-evil hair style.

at the end, i fail and what is in return is the same hair style back then in school.

what matter most here is for some people is their crown where they can portray their throne.

but for me, important, hair is showing your personality..including attitude and sense of style.

undoubtedly, my parents are mostly right, and learn a lot from this.

as a teacher wannabe, really, i need a clean-cut and tidy look so that it would be convincing and deceiving look to teach other people.

come on, everyone didn't you know that teachers are role-model??
if we not show a good qualities, imagine what will happen to our students..

wouldn't that will be a disaster ending..totally yes.

think everyone.

at last, i really hope one day in future there will be hairstylist willing to makeover my hair..and that style will last forever!

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