Monday, 6 December 2010


hi there..
it's just that unexpected accident happened to me today.

something that's really absurd, and i never for.

i really hate it.

but somehow, thinking that we're only a modest and dissipated human, somehow, i believe this is part of life's experiences.

no matter how much we hate it, no matter how far we try to avoid it.

sooner or later, we will stumble upon it.

and today, the most mediocre thing happens to me- i'm just so baffled and feeling intoxicated as if i was instigated by a vampire.

and that thing is EATING AT MAMAK'S STALL.

can you imagine that!

i just don't really like mamak's stall.

wherever i go, i try my damnedest to avoid from having a bite at mamak's stall.

as expected, pictures of mamak's fur, low-class cleanliness and oily food play in my mind.

and that haunt me the most.

it's just that i have listened to so many godforsaken stories about mamak's stall.

so, to play safe, i'd rather choose to eat at fas food restaurant.

but, today, i can't avert it anymore, and so i've to swallow up it's food.

and much to my surprise, it's just the same as other cliched restaurant.

so, have i get over my eerie phobia?

yes, i did it finally!

lesson learnt, there's nothing wrong mamak's stall.

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