Wednesday, 29 December 2010


For real, it has been quite some time haven't I stepped my foot on library's land. To tell you the truth, since I study in ipg, it has been my companion, a place where I like to stay for hours, where my friends and I love to gather and share hot story-mory..and of course, a comfy palace where I like to take nape..don't you?? So,guess what, today, I went to the public library which is a stone away from my house. It isn't so gargantuan..yet, it will take you days to discover the whole floor. Basically, it is a double-story building, and making it's more extraordinary with red in colour with malay-ambiance architecture. So, i guess you will get the whole picture of it...understood.

We promise to be there at ten..and sharp at ten, i've been there..quite a new history as i readily love to come late. After that, as usual, contemplated by the thought that i was late, so i call my friend and guess what, they're still at home! Fudge! Ok, will keep waiting..but seriously, i hate to wait and waiting is such a cumbersome suffering-filled labyrinth. Not seeing their noses around make butterfly swirl around my belly. Orait, then after a few by one show up their faces. So grin! We settle down at a corner in the library. Like most of the visitors, of course-lah we go there to study..not playing around. As one of us bring her lovely lappy, we open it and try to locate the internet connection. Much to our frustration, there's no internet wireless connection in here! shuck! Supposed, it must cater the internet connection for the convenient of the visitors.

Not to say that it's such an out-of-date library, but i could agree no more. It spoils our mission, but that's okay then we continue with our study. But, still we don't satisfied. Provoked by the government saying that we're now moving towards the internet country, so i bet the reality is worthless than the promises. We continue our study and at 1 we go home. Sayonara my friend!

p/s: sorry for the grammatical errors here and there.

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