Friday, 24 December 2010

things make me sad..

every moment when I'm alone, my mind will escape away and start to think of this thing.

this has been clinging on me, especially on the back of my mind for such ages if i'm not mistaken.

and it has been the one that keep me going for tesl.

and this is also the reason why do i've to be strong with the changes..and whilst fortifying my adroitness to be an ardent teslian.

what i can say, in other sense, i feel like Tesl is a piece of me..if one piece is taken away, i will shatter into pieces and mostly broken in inside.

I'm not being a psychopath or even a stalker of myself, but i have to concede the fact that i have put my soul and myself in tesl-ingredients of my virtue.

you can say whatever you can, you have the right and shout it out, but when it rhythms into my ears, i will close it tight and slam it on the losing-end of yours.

this is my power, and inner power that is beyond your naked eye.

I've try myself to alleviate the snobbishness that has throned in me..but, it never fall apart.

you may say i , a kind of snobbish person, but, if i'm not, i will act like one on you.

get ready, you maybe fall into the hot soup.

you may get blisters, yet i will make sure it will remain forever.

the end.

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