Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Perhaps this will not come to an end..


There's no word blurted out from my mouth the moment I see my friends, my best friends since high school. It seems like the flashback of memories back then in school. And now every and each of us have grown enough and lead our own way. And today, since the last time we met if can recall during hari raya, so i guess this is the second time we met after a long time ever since we are no more school students and called as tertiary students. We met again today at our usual pit-stop, nowhere other than kfc. Already tired seeing the chicken that will make me look even more plump..uh, no way! Some of you may be baffled why do we seldomly meet, the only solid reason for this is that Distance! Think about it, amani, I used to call her pam lives far up to the north of besut, I can say almost to the outback of Besut, whilst amanina, a.k.a shortie settles down at far down to the southern of besut..isn't that will be cumbersome for us to meet anyhow. Yes, undoubtedly, friendship can't be compared with distance, come on, be realistic.

Okay, as for today, since the weather is unpredictable though it is predictable, it can catastrophe at any time, it has been raining quite heavily since last night, so we decide to just settle in kfc for a while. And worst is that they have been waiting for me since ten, sorry guys, but what can i do, i still got class, don't get me wrong..i'm teaching kids to tell you all the truth. Then, more or less, at 12 i landed my legs my kfc. Seeing the eager faces chill my pounding nervousness. We have our lunch..and later chat, and ramp and babble and gossip and talk until are only our voices and laughters echoed in the kfc. We quite chattering-boxes..so be it. Pretty funny!

Then, realizing many eyes are focalizing their lens onto us, so we make our way to econjaya! There, like usual, we went up and down, down and up ushering things till there's no more got to discover. Quite fatigue to tell you the truth. But, it isn't a waste, i end up my hunt by purchasing a long-sleeve shirt. I pretty like the pattern. And another penny went flying out again from my wallet.

At the end, before everbody head their own way again, we quench our dreaded thirst of ice-cream at a stall next to econjaya. Though it may not be as scrumptious as baskin robbins or even new zealand natural, but it's enough to chill my bone. Imagine, isn't that a pretty silly idea, eating ice-cream in the middle of dazzling clod rain??

Spending time with them is like a thousands years of memories. We adore each other,and nevertheless to say, we live in each other souls.

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